Fighting styles
Story cards
Game token / tokenomics
Terms and values
Game modes
Balance updates
Calendar of pack releases

One can start the game by buying our pack.

To start, you’ll need:


⁃ Character


⁃ Fighting style


⁃ City


⁃ 6 punches*


*one cannot use more than 2 equal punches!


There are more than 10 characters in the game now, and we try to present you new characters each month. We are going to continue collaborating with other collections, so sometimes we will release 2 new characters a month!

The character’s level can be increased, it is made by crafting, the characteristics of the character will improve, and his appearance will also change! What you will need for it – see in craft section.

Fighting styles

Each player must have a card of fighting style, there are 4 of them now.

Fighting styles are divided according to their type of rarity. The most valuable is MMA.

The possibility to use some or other punches in the game depends on the fighting style:


Boxing: the punches from boxing collection


Kickboxing: the punches from boxing and kickboxing collection


Thai boxing: the punches from boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing collection


ММА: all the punches from all the styles


All the punches in the game belong to some style. So, if you have the “boxing” card, it means that only boxing punches will be available for your character. It is described in more details higher, in the 3rd section.

Every punch has marks:


👊 Hitting power (this value is multiplied by the character’s coefficient, and the opponent loses the same number of HP). Along with that, every character can become “angry”, when it happens, the next punch will deal more damage. And don’t forget about food, it serves as a daily booster. It gives your character more „energy”.


⏱ Waiting time for the next punch (this value is multiplied by the character’s coefficient and means that after hitting, this amount of time must pass before it is possible to hit again)


Level – with every level the punch values will get better, the maximum level is 4.


The values of punches and time are different, however, all the punches of the first level are Common, of the second level – Uncommon, of the third level – Rare, of the fourth level – Epic, but there can be some exceptions (collaborations).


You must have at least one city card to play. In every city, one can fight a precise number of times. In one day, you can fight:

North Boxville – 6 times

Glossa – 8 times

Noadale – 10 times

Los – Glovas – 12 times

All the most important tournaments will be held in Los-Glovas.


After long hesitation and discussions with our programmers, we decided to take the food cards out of the game. But don’t worry! You will be able to exchange your food cards for project token. We take the food out of the game, it won’t be necessary to play. It will remain, but in will function only inside the game, it will be available for exchange with token and will work as a booster of the fighter’s characteristics.

Story cards

We used to hold story cards drops almost every day, and we made online translations with prize draw for the holders of these cards on weekends.

As for now, story cards will be available only on our market and will be exchange only for the project token GCM.

They will be needed for crafting (the improvement of your punches and fighters to the second level)


Crafting of fighting styles:

— 3 boxing cards and 3 story cards can be exchanged for 1 kickboxing card
— 3 kickboxing cards and 8 story cards can be exchanged for 1 Thai boxing card 

The MMA card, the legendary one, can be found only in packs.

Crafting of punches:

⁃ 5 punch cards of the first level and 3 story cards can be exchanged for 1 punch card of the second level

⁃ 4 punch cards of the first level and 3 story cards can be exchanged for 1 punch card of the second level

Muay Thai:
⁃ 3 punch cards of the first level and 3 story cards can be exchanged for 1 punch card of the second level

⁃ 2 punch cards of the first level and 5 story cards can be exchanged for 1 punch card of the second level

The cards of the maximum level can be transformed into the “Combo hit” (more about it in update).

 Crafting of characters:

 Alex Bean / Max Codov

⁃ 5 cards of the first level and 10 story cards will give you a card of the second level

-The third level can be bought for the project token

Richie Almonds / Thomas McChickens

⁃ 4 cards of the first level and 10 story cards will give you a card of the second level
-The third level can be bought for the project token

Tetsuya Hirano

⁃ 3 cards of the first level and 8 story cards will give you a card of the second level
-The third level can be bought for the project token

CJ Washington Jr.

⁃ 2 cards of the first level and 25 story cards will give you a card of the second level
-The third level can be bought for the project token

Pau R. Pointer

-2 cards of the first level and 4 cards of the “Special” collection

-The third level can be bought for the project token

Ryu da Legend

-2 cards of the first leve land 6 cards of the „Ryu da Legend” collection

-This character doesn’t have the third level

Burst of Energy

-2 cards of the first leve land 5 cards of the „Burst of Energy” collection

The third level and higher can be obtained ONLY for the project token.


When our game will be in the stage of beta testing, we will start selling building packs (maybe earlier).

The owners of buildings will gain the project token from other players from usage of this building – holding fightings and tournaments. There will also be buildings of other types. 

The types and number of buildings will be announced later. For now, we can tell you the following:

  • You will receive a token when completing quests and owning a building.;
  • The buildings will have different rarity. Rarity affects the percentage of token produced, that means that the rarer a building is, the more token you will get;
  • The project tournaments will be held in a randomly chosen place, but two tournaments in a row cannot be held in the same place;
  • Palace owners will be able to organize tournaments themselves, specifying the prizes and the fee necessary to entry the tournament themselves (will be in the update).

The most valuable buildings will be put up for auction.

Game token / tokenomics

The token of our project is already available on Alcor. You can earn it either winning or losing. However, the payments for losing will be minimal, it is made against bots.

With the project token you can:

  • Improve your character up to the third level or higher;
  • Pay for the hospital and gym;
  • Restore the count of fights for a day;
  • Buy exclusive NFTs

And many other things that we will reveal later! 

And now, let’s figure out in numbers how much token you will get. 

Token charged in PVP:

if you lose – 10.

if you win – 22.

Token charged in PVE:

if you lose – 10.

if you win – 14.

Every 10 fights, the fighter must visit the hospital. Unfortunately, it is not free – 100 tokens.

In order to keep fit, every 5 fights, the fighter must go to the gym. It will cost 15 tokens.**

One can fight 6, 8, 10 or 12 times a day (depends on the city). If you want to make more fights, you can buy the same number of fights for 70 tokens or wait for a new day, so the count will be restored. One can buy and restore the power only once a day.

VERY IMPORTANT! It is possible that the terms of token charging will be changed. All the changes will be announced in our social media.

** this option has not been implemented yet.

Terms and values

The game starts in the main menu where you can see top fighters of the project, as well as the top buyers of the project. These users can give a link to one social media (in the update), so we will help to invite new followers to your social media.

In order to start a fight, you need to collect your pack of cards. The cards necessary to start a fight:

  • Character
  • Fighting style
  • Punch cards*
  • City

*I remind you that one cannot use more than 2 equal punches!

Having created your pack of cards, click on “Done” and you will return to the Home page where the “Fight” button will become active.

As you click on play button, you see the map of your city with the indicated number of players online and all the buildings of the city.

The buildings in which one can fight in PVP mode are indicated with the yellow color, those in which one can fight in PVE mode are indicated with the blue color.

When you have chosen the place where you gonna fight, click on it, the search of opponents will start and then the fighters will be introduced to each other.

The fight itself will go like this:

  • The fight starts showing you your pack of cards, or more precisely, with 4 random punches out of 6 existing;
  • You choose a punch card and lay it in the square, and your opponent loses HP;
  • The timer till the next punch starts;
  • Your punch card goes to the end of the pack and the next card appears;
  • You choose the next punch and hit the opponent
  • When the fight is close to the end and the character’s health is on the level specified on our website or even less, he becomes angry. Anger increases the quantity of damage dealt to the opponent; The sign „Angry” is indicated as a fire near the character’s XP
  • When the fight is over, you see the amount of the token you’ve earned.

 Maybe we will change something a bit. But for now, it is all made like this. We hope we will improve our game all together!

Game modes

There will be 6 game modes:

– PVP (play against another player, when no opponent is found, you’ll play against an AI)

– PVE (play against AI)

– Play against friend (fighting mode to play with a friend, token and prestige points are not earned)

– Play with friend in fights 2×2 (cooperative gameplay)

– “Fight club owner” (game mode for those who want just earn project token, cards and prestige points, spending minimal time)

– Story Mode (story mode with fully-featured plot and getting exclusive NFTs for finishing*)

The PVE and PVP modes will be realized in the second phase.

 *Maybe, they will be added in the update

Balance updates

Unfortunately, the game has too much variables at the same time, so we can make mistakes sometimes. That is why balance updates are needed, we will announce them!

Calendar of pack releases