1. Important information
  2. Foreword
  3. What is Golden Cage?
  4. Game basics
  5. Game modes
  6. Cards. Forms, types, craft
  7. Packs
  8. Story cards
  9. Location
  10. Characters
  11. Token of the project
  12. Tournaments. Lotteries. Events
  13. Quarterly changes
  14. Road map
  15. Final words


Important information

Attention! This guide is updated constantly! The information may change, but not significantly. Game basics will NOT be changed, and the other substantial modifications will be published in form of announcements on our social media, therefore we recommend you to subscribe to them.



At first, we started developing the project as a full 3D fighting, however, we decided to hold off and make a simpler version as a card game at the early stages.

If our project gets enough fans, we will understand that people enjoy our game, that’s when our work on 3D fighting game will continue. That’s why we count on your support.


What is Golden Cage?

Golden cage is a collection fighting card game on blockchain WAX.

You will get:

  • More than 20 characters
  • 6 modes of the game
  • Game’s token
  • Graphics stylized as comics
  • Fights in different cities of the universe
  • Quarterly events and game design according to the season
  • Regular tournaments with prizes
  • Regular contests in social media


Game basics

You can participate in fights every day, and you will get our token for winning (as well as for losing, but much less). Also, you will earn points of reputation in each fight.

Your character has two necessities. They are health and gym. Every 10 fights you must go to the hospital and cure yourself for the project token. Don’t forget about it.

In order to keep fit, you need to go to the gym once in 5 fights. Such trainings will be paid with project token.

After training and visiting the hospital, you get access to fights, one can fight 8, 10, 12 or 14 times (depending on your city) a day. If it is not enough for you, you can restore your power by paying some project token or wait for the next day when your power will be restored automatically.

Points of reputation will be needed later for free participation in tournaments, getting into the top of fighters on the main page of the game and other (more information will be provided in the update).

You will need the following cards to start the game:

  • Character
  • City
  • Fighting style
  • 6 punches/styles (up to 2 equal)

We would also like to note that the list of top players will be shown on the main page of the game, where the players will be able to provide a link to one of their social media.


Game modes

There will be 6 of them:

– PVP (play against another player, when no opponent is found, you’ll play against an AI)

– PVE (play against AI)

– Play against friend (fighting mode to play with a friend, token and prestige points are not earned)*

– Play with friend in fights 2×2 (cooperative gameplay)*

– “Fight club owner” (game mode for those who want just earn project token, cards and prestige points, spending minimal time)

– Story Mode (story mode with fully-featured plot and getting exclusive NFTs for finishing*)

*Maybe, they will be added in the update

The PVE and PVP modes will be realized in the second phase.


Cards. Forms, types, craft


  • Common
  • Special
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Supernatural


  • Characters

Our fighters are the basics of the game.


These cards define the location of your character. There will be 4 cities at first: North Boxville, Glossa, Noadale, Los-Glovas. Each city will have its values and particularities in the game. At an early stage, one will be able to change his city only by buying a card with the city he needs.

Fighting styles

There will be 4 fighting styles in the game:

  • Boxing
  • Kick-boxing
  • Thai boxing
  • MMA


These cards will be used during the fights. Each style has its own punches and techniques (they can repeat, for example, in boxing and kickboxing some cards will be the same).


Game cards can be exchanged for the project token. They will be exchanged according to the current rate.

Story cards

These cards will tell you more about our fighters. You will need them to upgrade the level of character and punch cards to the second one.


Each character’s level can be improved, and after that the characteristics will increase (in case with the punch speed, it will decrease). The appearance of the character will also change.

One can craft a card of the second level here:

Craft of higher levels will be available on our website, you will need our cards and GCM project token for it.

Story cards

As we mentioned before, each character is unique and has his own story we really want to tell you!

We used to hold story cards drops almost every day, and we made online translations with lotteries for the holders of these cards on weekends. As for now, story cards will be available only on our market and will be bought only with the project token GCM.



They will be called differently in our game, but this doesn’t change the sense.

It will all start with Promo Banana Bag.

There will be 2 cards in each bag. It is guaranteed that each bag will contain a card with a part of one of the character’s story. The second card will be with the character Thomas McChicken (this character can only be found in promo packs, as well as in the biggest pack on the first sale).

500 promo packs – 10% probability of getting a character

250 promo packs – 20% probability of getting a character

125 promo packs – 30% probability of getting a character

The first sale of packs.

Your fighting life will start with this bag, everything necessary can be found there.


S Bag

1 character

1 city card

1 fighting style

6 cards with punches

1 food card


M Bag

2 characters

1 city card

2 fighting styles

10 cards with punches

2 food cards


L Bag

3 characters

2 city cards

3 fighting styles

15 cards with punches

4 food cards


XL Bag

All 6 start characters

Cards of all 4 cities

Cards of all 4 fighting styles

Cards of all punches

All types of food cards



A card of a city where you will find yourself, awaits you in each pack. That’s exactly where all the actions will take place.

In the beta version of the game, there will be only one city – North Boxville.

There will be 4 cities available in the final version: Glossa, Los-Glovas, North Boxville and Noadale.

As we have written before, each city will have its particularities. For example, major tournaments will take place in the Los-Glovas.



There should be many characters in fighting, but we will only start with 6. All of them are unique, they have their story and specificities. Get acquainted:

  1. Thomas McChickens. This guy can only be found in promo packs! A trucker, family man, and, as you may have already understood, a chicken lover. Starting from school times, Thomas loved to eat a lot, that’s why he was portlier that his classmates and was usually mocked because of it. But he didn’t flinch, started to fight back and they stopped mocking Thomas. He has been boxing for 15 years now and also tries new styles. He goes into battle with a smile, sluggishly, but he’s very strong.
  1. Alex Bin.First years after graduating are really tough. Alex tried himself in many spheres but couldn’t find a job cut out for him. At the age of 28 he fully tasted coffee and fell in love. Due to this beverage he found a job he truly enjoyed, he became a barista. He was always a real sportsman, thanks to his father, who sent Alex to kickboxing. After that there was taekwondo, karate and many other sports. He’s universal, a balance of speed and power.


  1. Richie Almonds.A brutal man. Vegan. He’s proud of his beard and works as a model. There are always some people (especially drunk people), who don’t accept men with long hair. 4 people with such views bothered Richie in the bar once. 4 vs. 1 is not an easy task even for an experienced fighter, except Richie wasn’t one. After that he took up MMA. And he didn’t miss a single training in 5 years. His focus is speed, but his force of the punch is also impressive.


  1. C.J. Washington Jr. He is very devoted to his work. These 3 words are the best description of C.J. He was born in Portland, but he spent every summer with his granny in LA. Right there, on the Venice beach, he met strong guys, who were 3 times bigger than him. That’s how he got fond of bodybuilding. His health wasn’t good, but he did his best to adhere to his training plan, nutrition and sleep. Not long ago, 3 years ago, C.J. went to Thailand with his family, where he found his new passion: martial art.


  1. Tatsuo Hirano.Not really tall, calm, madly in love with eastern types of martial arts. His mom is from Southern Korea. Father is from Japan. Despite the fact that his parents are very affluent, he’s always eager to earn money himself. Tatsuo started developing in martial arts after watching his favorite movie ‘The way of the Dragon’. The fastest character of the game.


  1. Max Codov. Knows his way around gadgets. In his childhood, he didn’t use to love toys, he enjoyed dismantling and reassembling all the electronics at home, including old radios. And when his family got its first computer, he was over the moon. In a year, Max learned several programming languages, and at the age of 16 had written his first serious program that then was bought by local grocery stores. At the university, everyone called him a nerd, and once the senior students, as a joke, accidentally broke his laptop where he had many unfinished projects. In a second, in some instinctive and ferocious manner, his offenders got beaten. Max lost his control. After that accident, he had decided to do kung fu where he later learned to control himself. Just some years ago he started taking part in battles where he learned to mix different fighting styles.


Our token

We have already added our token to the game.

With the project token you can:

  • Improve your character/punch (up to the third level or higher);
  • Pay for the hospital and gym;
  • Restore the count of fights for a day;
  • Buy exclusive NFTs
  • Hmm… maybe, I have forgotten something, but no matter.

The most important thing is that you will be getting our token!


Tournaments. Lotteries. Events

We appreciate and love the fans of our project, that’s why regular tournaments, events await you!

One of the basics of our game is tournaments. They will be held every week, prizes will depend on the number of participants, and one more tournament will be held once a month with prizes that will be even bigger!

Each tournament has 3 prizes. The prizes will be much bigger than the fee. For the first place one can also get an NFT card.


Road map

We reflected the most important events for the upcoming months below.

Just a reminder: if we notice an interest for our project, we will add the date of 3D version release to the road map, we’ve already started working on it.

Phase 1. Introduction to the project.


⁃ Promo packs

⁃ Starter packs

-Story cards


⁃ Craft

⁃ A new character

-Story packs

Phase 2. Launch of the card game


⁃ Alpha version of the game for the whitelist


⁃ A new character


⁃ Beta version of the game for all players

⁃ A new character

-Closed sale of buildings for Fighter Pass holders


-Full version of the game

-A new character

-Open sale of buildings


⁃ Seasonal update

⁃ A new character

⁃ Launching of the tournaments

Phase 3 – Launching of the 3D game version

This phase will start only if fans show big interest to the card version of the game!

All dates are specified in plenty, we hope to finish it all earlier!


Final words

We are grateful for the attention to our project! Our goal is to show you that such games can be really cool!

We will be happy to see you in our social media, we will answer on all your questions there!