They will be called differently in our game, but this doesn’t change anything.


It will all start with Promo Banana Bag.

There will be 2 cards in each bag. It is guaranteed that each bag will contain a card with a part of some character’s story. The second card will be with a character Thomas McChickens (this character can only be found in promo packs, as well as in the biggest pack on the first sale).

500 promo packs – 10% probability of getting a character

250 promo packs – 20% probability of getting a character

125 promo packs – 30% probability of getting a character

In total: 875 packs and only 138 cards of Thomas McChickens!


The first sale of packs.

Your fighting life will start with this bag, everything necessary can be found there.


The first sale will take place on July 22 at 17:00 UTC and it will include:

S Bag – 600 qt

M Bag – 300 qt

L Bag – 150 qt

XL Bag – 50 qt

The total circulation is shown bellow.


S Bag

1 character

1 city card

1 fighting style

6 cards with punches

1 food card


M Bag

2 characters

1 city card

2 fighting styles

10 cards with punches

2 food cards


L Bag

3 characters

2 city cards

3 fighting styles

15 cards with punches

4 food cards


XL Bag

All 6 characters (including Thomas McChickens and Legendary card – C.J. Washington)

Cards of all 4 cities

Cards of all 4 fighting styles

Cards of all punches

All the types of food cards


Launch of story cards packs(visit the page about cards for details)